Please note that all messages left after hours or on weekends will be checked on the following business day. Call our office at (281) 893-3656 or submit your request through our Contact Us page.

We understand that there may be times when patients will need refills of medications. We will attempt to accommodate all refill requests. We reserve the right to deny refill requests.

Please read the instructions for medication refills prior to filling out form.

Instructions for Medication Refills
Please have your pharmacy fax medication refill request to our office seven (7) days prior.
If you need refill of medications that require a controlled substance prescription, please leave your name, your contact number, and specific medication on our voice mail.

Instructions for Prior Authorization of Medications
Unfortunately, not all insurance companies will approve some medications prescribed by psychiatrist. Please understand that we may not be able to get the approval right away.
Please have your pharmacy fax the prior authorization request to our office to initiate the process.